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Need to give a public talk or presentation?

Can you nearly and confidently share your ideas?


We are all idea factories but which of your ideas can make a real difference?

If no-one, or few people know of them how can they make that difference?

talkware gives you the confidence to address any situation or audience, large or small

And deliver your message clearly and memorably.




"We need to innovate"   


 "Let's put the startup mentality into our company"

It can be done!


Avoid innovation theatre and use talkware to unlock the potential in existing skills and processes reducing the chance of failure.

And no more death by PowerPoint!


Would you speak to a 5 year old the same way you would speak to a 55 year old?

Customers, future colleagues, investors, all need a different approach.

You don't get that with one fixed slide deck.

Forget the usual well meant advice to startups-

" these are the X number of slides you need for your pitch"

talkware unlocks the key business focus, helps team building and creates the flexibility of thinking needed to launch and scale your business





ex + ducere (latin) = to bring out, lead forward.

We all have skills more portable then generally believed.

Creativity      Critical Thinking      Communication

Just three of the "skills of the future"

You can easily add these to your existing curricula

 talkware helps your teachers and trainers to do this and prepare your

pupils and students for that rapidly approaching unknown- the future.


Communicating Science to the Public is Powerful and Potentially Dangerous     

Dhruv Khulla, Scientific American. December 2015

Disprove pseudo-science and engage more people with proven data, not gimmicks. yet neatly explained.

talkware is a tested system, using your own analytical skills, enabling you to keep control of your message, avoid sensationalism and create clear and appropriate communication for all audiences.


Event Organisers


You spend a lot of time and effort into organising a high quality event.

But is any time spent guiding speakers to that same high standard?

Don't let that allegedly experienced keynote speaker spoil your event with a boring, old-fashioned talk

talkware enables you to align them with your "house style"  ensuring your event has the best possible content and beats all attendees' expectations


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